This is Workshop

Over a decade ago I was sketching furniture ideas during lectures in graduate school instead of paying attention to my urban planning professors. In retrospect I realize what should have been obvious at the time, why was I in that classroom instead of the materials lab at an art college, or perhaps a workshop somewhere learning the trade? Instead of rationalizing all my past decisions (boring), suffice to say that I finally came to my senses. Read more


Black Lives Matter

At Workshop we believe in equal access to opportunities and freedom from racist thought and attitudes. We fully understand that as white people, and part of a racial majority, we have been afforded privileges that historically are not available to all people. We believe this must change. There is no defense for denying your privilege as a white person in this country, or in Oregon. Acknowledging this privilege does not discount the hard work you may have put in, or the good works you may have accomplished. It means that you can understand and appreciate that no matter how hard you worked to get where you’re at, if you were black or brown it would have been even harder, maybe even impossible. Don’t believe me? Read on. Read more