This is Workshop

Over a decade ago I was sketching furniture ideas during lectures in graduate school instead of paying attention to my urban planning professors. In retrospect I realize what should have been obvious at the time, why was I in that classroom instead of the materials lab at an art college, or perhaps a workshop somewhere learning the trade? Instead of rationalizing all my past decisions (boring), suffice to say that I finally came to my senses. 


Workshop is the culmination of hundreds of hours spent after my 9-5 was done. Time I spent tinkering, welding, learning wood joinery, deconstructing items to see how they’re made, and occasionally irreparably breaking something. Based on that foundation, Workshop makes products that reflect the values my sister and co-founder and I care deeply about: supportive of Oregon’s local economy, made with quality materials, anti-fast furniture, and goods that elevate your everyday. In other words, goods we feel are worth a damn. 

With Workshop we’re putting ideas we’ve been mulling for years  into action. Moreover, we’re developing an exciting new model—adaptable modern furnishings. Culturally, we have become accustomed to buying objects and furniture that look good...for awhile anyway. We buy these items at a lower pricepoint and then when they fall apart the cycle repeats itself. Part of this scenario is fun. Who doesn’t love getting new furniture? But, it’s also incredibly wasteful because so many of these worn out products end up in our waste stream. With Workshop we began exploring how we could build products that could evolve over time to meet changing tastes and trends. Goods that can flex without requiring the purchase of an entire new product. This design philosophy guides our product development—that’s why we’ve created the swap program. 


When you buy a Workshop product you can feel good about more than just the way it looks. All the money you spend stays local—we could ship all our designs to be built overseas for a lot cheaper, but we don’t. Supporting our local maker and manufacturing community matters to us. We’re also planting a tree for every product we sell in recognition of the raw materials we use and must replenish. 


We hope you enjoy owning and using these goods as much as we enjoyed dreaming them up and crafting them.