Swap program

Our goods are not fast furniture. They are heritage pieces that can be adapted over time. Tastes and situations change, so we've built adaptability and customization into many of our products. You bought a new couch, or maybe you just moved to a new apartment and that ochre Workshelf just isn't, well, working any more. 

We've got you.




Simply contact us to let us know what needs to change.


Then, ship us that backing plate, coaster, light socket, etc. that needs replacing.


We'll give you a discount on the purchase of a new component to make your piece suit you and your room's needs again. And, we won't charge you for the return shipping either.


Goods worth a damn.

We give a damn too.  

De-forestation isn't just happening in the rainforests. We’re committed to not taking more than we give back. For each product we sell, a tree gets planted in one of Oregon's de-forested areas. This ensures that future generations of Oregon makers have the goods they need to make furniture too.

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swap program

We plant a tree for every good sold. Find out more about our swap program!